vTiger CRM Intelligent Assistant

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Intelligent assistant for your CRM activities. You can delegate your admin tasks to this service and save 90% of your vTiger data entry time.

You can interact with Intelligent Assistant by sending simple email messages. You will get a dedicated email address that Intelligent Assistant receives messages at. Intelligent Assistant sends requested CRM records to your email in tabular form. You can update the CRM records by simply replying back with updated details. Ask for a demo to see how easy this works.


  • Access CRM data on the move by sending simple messages
  • Get Leads, Opportunities and Contacts by sending simple emails
  • Update Leads, Opportunities, Contacts by sending emails in a fraction of the time
  • Get your planned work for the day as a scheduled email
  • Never miss action items, track all activities with ease
  • Works equally well from desktop and mobile devices
  • Updates your CRM records on your behalf so you don't lose history
  • Service is tolerant to typos and minor errors, and still does the right thing for you
  • There is no install. You can get started quickly.

Get a 2 month free trial when you sign up before Sep 30. Fill webform below.



Price after trial period 6$ for one user in month.

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