vTiger & Prestashop integration

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Prestashop and vTiger CRM 6.x integration. All customers, orders and products will be move from Prestashop to vTiger by schedule (cron).

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1 Way synchronization - from Prestshop to vTiger CRM


  • Products will 1 ways synchronization with vTiger Product module
  • Customers will 1 ways synchronization with vTiger Contact module
  • Orders will 1 ways synchronization with vTiger SalesOrder module

Integration instruction. Pls read it.

Live Demo

http://prestashop.vordoom.net/ - this is the shop. You need to create order here. You will need to register as usually but you can use incorrect email (with @ and .)
Credentials - demo / demo

After order was created it will automatically appear in vtiger crm after 15 minutes maximum. Customer in Contact module and order in SalesOrder module.

If you will have any questions just let us know by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


$269.00    BUY NOW $242
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