Notifier Pro 1.1 2519

NotifierPro build on ajax technology and allow users to get notification immediately in vTiger CRM. Not need to reload page or press Update button. All notifications have sound accompanying and popups. User can on/off sound or notification at all.
Module Extensions 6.*

SQL Reports 2.0 1885

vTiger CRM has powerfull Reports Wizard but it does not allow user to get cross modules analytics with some calculation. For example get deal profit or debts by invoices. Such analytics reports can be easily make from phpmyadmin or another mysql redactors but if it…
Module Rework 6.*

Facebook to Leads 1.0 1780

Extension allows integrate vTiger CRM and Facebook Lead Forms. All leads from Facebook advertising campaign will be automatically transfer to vTiger CRM.
Module Sync 6.*

Preview Doc 1.0 1846

This extension allow you to preview documents most of popular formats without downloading.
Module Extensions 6.*

Related Count 1.0 461

Extension shows related list's items quantity in Summary or Detail view.
Module Extensions 6.*

Missing Calls 1.0 319

Extension configure your vTiger CRM way that you will never miss any incoming calls.
Module Extensions 6.*

Multi Load 1.0 197

Extension allow you multi load documents by drag&drop and allow you to save it on Dropbox.
Module Extensions 6.*

Simply KPI 1.0 1117

Extension allows to set personal goal to each manager and then track this goal execution.
Module Extensions 6.*

Online Payments1.2 1411

Extension allows your customers to pay for your services online. All the data regarding online payments automatically gets in vTiger CRM.
Module Extensions 6.*

ColorList 1.0 378

Extension allows you to set different colors in vTiger’s lists. For example Paid Invoices can be in green but lost Deals can be in red.
Module Extensions 6.*