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If you provide services that helps students and applicants in the preparation of essays, term papers, diplomas and other scientific work this crm system helps you.

The Order Management CRM System the system consists of two subsystems - the CRM system, which employs the Manager and the company management and a portal for authors, in which the authors add their application for the particular work in which they communicate with the Manager and in which hand over work.

The basic idea of the Order Management CRM System to the next - from the main site into CRM system come in applications for the preparation of a particular scientific work - certificates, diplomas, coursework, reports, etc. Next, the Manager scans all of the application associated with the client, clarifies open issues and changes the order status to “evaluation”.

As soon as the order gets the status “assessment”, it becomes available to authors in the portal. They can view a map of the order and offer their value to the execution of the work. The author has a list of disciplines in which he works. Accordingly, in the portal he will see the request only for orders where the selected one of its disciplines.

For applications “in the authors” on the main site can also be Webform, where people become the author will specify the required information about yourself, after which they will be available in SRM system with a certain status. And once the status changed to approved, they receive access to the portal and they will be able to send orders for execution of works.

After the deadline for applications to be completed the Manager in SRM system selects the author and assigns it to the order. After this, the order is automatically hidden from other authors and become available only to those who carry it out.

In the course of executing the order, the author can ask questions to the Manager directly through the portal. Upon completion of the order it applies the document and clicks on “Send for review”. After this, the order for the author to become not editable.

The Manager can accept the order or send it back for revision by changing the order status on the.

CRM demo

demo / demo

This is crm user with Manager role.


Authors portal demo

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / o5fmx0ci

This is portal user with Author role.

CRM system on Russian, so if you need English version just contact us by email or form below.

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For additional cost we can provide you

  1. Change design of Author portal
  2. Set up needed email or sms notifications for managers, authors and customers
  3. and more

If you need development according your business needs just contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use contact form below.

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