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CRM system developed specially for Real Estate agencies.

The main working module in CRM system for Real Estate Agencies is the module of the Opportunities (Deals). Deals is a real estate properties for sale or rent.

Initially, all objects captured in the crm system are assigned to the Sales Department and according to the rules of access to the crm system to all users of the system. Any users can choose any deals and assign it to yourself and once he will make it disappear from public access. Then user initiate internal business process of Real Estate Agency - conducts meetings, inspections, signing of documents, etc.

Here are some useful Real Estate Agency Supplement made in CRM system.

1. Limit on Deals number

There is Deal quantity field in user profile.

The limit field is the Deal quantity only works if the user himself assigns the transaction. Ie. the administrator or managers (users of a specific Role) can assign the transaction to anyone without restriction. Once the limit is reached on the number of transactions per month, the user, with the purpose of the transaction itself, sees this message and the transaction does not it is not assigned.

2. Simply KPI module

To open the KPI module, you must click on All and select Simply KPI

The module allows you to create personal KPIs for each user or group. When you create a KPI you specify the plan that the user must accomplish and then crm system considers the fact. The wizard for creating KPI is very simple, you just need to fill in the fields on the screen.

When you create a KPI, you select a period such as a month. So here is the current month and, if the KPI is created 29, this KPI will not act in 30 days, and exactly to the end of the month, ie 2 or 3 days. After the end of the current month automatically create new KPIs for the next period.

The fact is debited automatically when you save the document. For example, if a KPI is the number of winning trades, the fact will be charged when you save the transaction if it received the status of Closed successfully. These filters are configured in the wizard for creating KPI.

The KPI module is available in the reports so that it is possible for each user to build a report with a plan and a fact. The graph can be displayed on the home screen as a widget for each user.

The Reports module in the system works as follows - the administrator can see all users, the Manager himself and his subordinates, and the employees data is available only to himself.

Report example the Implementation of KPI on the main page

3. Publication of the advertisement module

The meaning of the work platforms the following - for each SRM system preparing the xml file of a specific format. Each pad once per day refers to this file and adds/deletes/modifies all the ads that are there.

There is Publication block in Deal profile

Checkbox you can select on which site to send the ad (i.e. in what xml file it is to appear). You can select all or one or multiple, doesn't matter.

Ads in xml file only when the fall in the Status field of the publication selected Publication. It can be either the standard crm system to be configured to this value was only the chief who makes the decisions to publish or not.

Agent and Managers can select the platform and select the status to publish, which would enable the chief to understand that the employee wants this announcement to send for publication.

A list of all ads with the status to Send for publication are displayed in a small widget on the main page of Manager, where he sees all the ads that it managers want to publish.

There are following files using for each adv platforms





There are Russian popular adv platforms but we can integrate any one you need. 

CRM demo

boss / boss

agent1 / agent1

CRM system on Russian, so if you need English version just contact us by email or form below.


1399$ Buy now $999* 20$ OFF by the end of week, hurry!

* Price includes crm implementation process. If you need development according your business needs just contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use contact form below.

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