SQL Reports 2.0

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vTiger CRM has powerfull Reports Wizard but it does not allow user to get cross modules analytics with some calculation. For example get deal profit or debts by invoices. Such analytics reports can be easily make from phpmyadmin or another mysql redactors but if it is regular reports and not all of you users understand sql language.

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It is for this reason we have improved standard module Reports of vTiger CRM to get possible create and save sql reports. This improvement understands MySQL language with all of it possible functions. Check it in a demo. 


  • All MySQL functions can be used for reports creating
  • Report result can contains links to vTiger modules (for example to Account's profile) or anywhere you need
  • Reports can have dynamic parameters for filtering results

Live Demo

http://demo.vordoom.net/sqlreports/index.php (open in new window) 

demo / sqldemo


  • To view or create sql reports you should go to standard Reports module in vTiger CRM. Created reports will appears in list of reports but to create sql report you need create Details Report and in Primary Module select SQL Query.
  • For setting dynamic parameters in report you need to set ? in where condition - for example 'where invoicestats=?'. If you want to specify parameter name you should set it after column name like this /*Parameter Name*/ - for example 'where invoicestats /*Invoice Status*/=?'
  • For creating link to module's profile you should use concat() function - for example 'select concat('module=Invoice&view=Detail&record=',vi.invoiceid,'|&',vi.subject)'. These symbols are mandatory - '|&'. They split link and title in result.
$159.00    BUY NOW $144
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