Simply KPI 1.0

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Extension allows to set personal goal to each manager and then track this goal execution.

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  • KPIs with personal target value
  • Result value calculate automatically
  • Automatically calculate % of execution
  • Automatically creates next KPI period by vTiger Scheduler
  • Allow set KPIs for each active modules of CRM system
  • Works with standard and custom modules
  • Works with standard and custom fields
  • Works with standard Report module
  • Works with standard Sharing Rules

Live Demo (open in new window)

manager1 / manager1
manager2 / manager2
boss / boss (they are boss and user who can create and edit KPIs)

Manual how to use SimplyKPI module - (open in new window)

Use Cases with Simply KPI extension

$199.00    BUY NOW $179
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