Use Case Simply KPI - Retail

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Use Case solved by the CRM system vTiger CRM and Simply KPI extension for Retail company.

The main functions of Simply KPI extension.

The main issue solved by the Simply KPI module - assessment of SEO contractor works by number of received Leads.

To done this project also was little improved Webforms module of crm system to read and dealt utm metrics from the links and saved the link itself. Read more about the module Webform 2.0.

Client has some KPI's on all sources of lead generation, which involved their SEO provider, like Yandex / Google context, Yandex market / Google shopping, materials, posts, posting comments and maybe even some sources.

All KPIs are created in the system on conditional user “SEO provider” and the module Leads. Each KPI in terms of its source and campaign. All of them have a period of 1 month.

Therefore, the client knows how many leads came from each source in a month. This gives a more accurate understanding of the effectiveness of the SEO provider.