Use Case Simply KPI - Realty Estate

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Use Case solved by the CRM system vTiger CRM and Simply KPI extension for Real Estate Agency.

The main functions of Simply KPI extension.

For the measurement of the effectiveness of external agents in the Agency developed several major key performance indicators (KPI):

  1. Number of properties that the agent made the offer
  2. Number of properties sold
  3. Number of properties showing events
  4. Total amount of properties sold

Properties in real estate crm system are the Deals. Each Deal has a Status and Price. The module Simply KPI after each change of data of the corresponding module in the crm system checks if the changes made under the terms of that particular KPI or not. If the conditions are suitable - this KPI is increasing the fact.

How it was implemented in the system of vTiger CRM using module Simply KPI:

  1. The number of Deals in which the value of the field “ discount % ” is greater than zero.
  2. The number of Deals with the status “Closed”
  3. The number of Calendar Events with the type “Object Showing” and status “Executed”
  4. The amount of all Deals with the status “Closed”

Watch the demo of crm system for real estate Agency with a pre-installed module Simply KPI.