Clarification of Simply KPI extension for vTiger CRM

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We will talk about the module Simply KPI. Briefly describe how the key performance indicators module for vTiger CRM. Shortly about the main thing.

Each KPI in the CRM system is tied personally to the user of a CRM system or group of users. Each KPI in the CRM system has a period - week, month, quarter, six months, a year. Each KPI has a planned value. The actual value of the Simply KPI addon gathers himself on the basis of the data changes in the system of vTiger CRM.

After you specify when creating a KPI period, the system module vTiger CRM automatically closes the current period and does exactly the same KPI with the same plan for the new period. And so long as to occur while the KPI will not be deleted.

The KPI module is available in standard reports system, vTiger CRM, so you can build any detailed report or graph report based on its data.

Data of KPI module, as all other data of the CRM system vTiger is available by the hierarchy. It means data for employee`s KPI available to their leaders.

Use cases of Simply KPI