vTiger vs. Opencart Integration instruction

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VorDOOM Sync OpenCart extension allow you to synchronize Products, Orders and Customers between Opencart shop and vTiger CRM. You can enable / disable Product synchronization to each sides, Order synchronize 2 ways in parallel and downloading Customers from Opencart. Synchronization runs by vtiger Scheduler (cron). All these modules in Opencart need field mapping with fields from vTiger. So you will have possibility set mapping from vTiger module too.

Install connector to Opencart

1. Upload OpenCart_api_vtiger.zip to Opencart root directory and unzip.


Install Sync OpenCart extension in vTiger CRM 

1. Go to vTiger Module Manager



and click on Install from Zip link on bottom of the page

2. Select zip file you downloaded from our Customer Portal and click Import.


General Configuration Sync OpenCart extension

1. Go to Sync OpenCart module by following way

Settings -> CRM Settings -> Integration -> Sync OpenCart


2. Click Edit button and fill all required fields

OpenCart Shop Link - link to your Opencart shop with http:// or https://

API Username - name of API user from Opencart admin area

API Password - password of API user from Opencart admin area


3. Select synchronization options

Upload Products - uploading products info and changes from vTiger to Opencart

Download Product - download product info and changes from Opencart to vTiger

Order Sync - make order synchronization real time in 2 ways

Download Customers - download customers from Opencart to vTiger


4. Click Save button to save all changes.


If you will see this message it means that something wrong in opencart link, api username or api password data. Please check it and correct.


Field Mapping

Before using extension you need set up field mapping between Opencart and vTiger. To do it you need click on appropriate button

Left column - fields from Opencart

Right column - fields from vTiger


Opencart Product - vTiger Product module

Opencart Orders - vTiger Sales Order module

Opencart Customer - vTiger Contact module


How to create Opencart API user

1. Go to Settings -> Users -> API


2. And create user by click on Add button


Synchronization runs by cron. Pls check Scheduler for sure that synchronization will start automatically.


After General Settings and Field Mapping will be done you can run synchronization manually. Just click on Sync button.


If you will have any problem with installation or setting just let us know from our Customer Portal. And remember that we can provide whole integration for additional 59$. Just drop us email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..