VorDOOM Sync OpenCart extension allow you to synchronize Products, Orders and Customers between Opencart shop and vTiger CRM. You can enable / disable Product synchronization in each sides, Order synchronization 2 ways in parallel and downloading Customers from Opencart. All these modules in Opencart need field mapping with fields from vTiger. So you will have possibility set mapping from vTiger module too.

VorDOOM vTiger Asterisk Connector uses for integrate vTiger 6.x to any Asterisk versions by ami interface. After integration you will get possibility Click-To-Call function from CRM by clicking on phone number. All incoming calls will displays in popup window with caller number information. If call recording enable you will can listen it from Customer profile.

Also all call's information like duration, caller number, did number (if you use several) and so on will be available in CRM system for analyzing.

Video and description how vtiger vs asterisk integration works?

Do you need your own cloud crm SaaS service?

How to connect Multi Load to Dropbox?

vTiger is nice system but it looks like not so good. There are several attempts cover creating new theme for vTiger but all of them not correspond current high level.

How to get your customers possibility to pay online in vTiger CRM?

How to create personal KPI in vTiger CRM?

For creating Facebook Lead form in vTiger CRM you need to know Page ID (a page promoted in Facebook)

Before creating Facebook App you need to get admin access to page in Facebook which has lead form. If you are not an admin of cause.